DRAINBACK - The pressureless System

DRAINBACK - The Pressureless System

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Since 2008, southern Spain is my new home and I have been dealing with pool water heating ever since. Thanks to the free solar energy, the noisy and power-consuming heat pumps are an absolute taboo for me.  


At first it was clear, the pool has about 40,000 liters of water and this should be about 26 - 30 ° C in the winter months. There we are diligently built solar systems and thus gained a lot of experience. This also includes negative experiences, especially in the summer months, when the temperature in the solar collector is in the boiling range daily!


I fast realize, that this can not be healthy for a long life of the system and I have searched for a better, more durable and maintenance-free solar system.  


Why this should not function with a drain-back system?


The first systems we are built, thanks our technically enthusiastic customers became not only better, but also maintenance-free and cost-effective. In the course of experience, other electronic safety circuits were tried out and the almost daily shining sun could quickly gain further experience.  


On the Internet you will find many reports on the installation, operation, experiences and …


Unfortunately, I have not found a useful report that shows how the pool water is heated with the drain-back system and its structure is explained. Therefore,

I have decided to put my experiences on the net and hope that the great system known and used more in the private swimming pool area.

Granted, the system runs in Germany, but a pool water temperature of 26°C in the winter months is not possible, because we need the free solar energy!


For your pool water heating

For your pool water heating