DRAINBACK - The Pressureless System

DRAINBACK - The Pressureless System

Wich parts will been needed?


To list all parts here now does not make sense, since each pool has different conditions. For a pool with 4 x 8 meters and about 40,000 liters of water content are sweepingly required:


8 collectors incl. Stud frame, 2 heat exchangers, 2 temperature sensors, control unit, solar pump, drain-back tank, control unit, ball valves, 22 gauge copper pipe, fittings


Where can I buy these parts?


Since I also build the systems myself, you have the opportunity to order individual components, or even a complete system in the shop. But you can also use only the information of the individual components for purchasing on site.


No matter how you decide, with a drain-back system you always have the advantage!


When you are not sure and you like to get a non-binding quotation? 


I am likely to assist you. For this I need pictures of the pool, pump room, the place where the collectors should be placed and which pump connection variant (1 or 2) you prefer.


For this service, I charge you once a working rate of 120 €, which will been credited on a following order (minimum order 200 €)! 


For your pool water heating

For your pool water heating