DRAINBACK - The Pressureless System

DRAINBACK - The Pressureless System

Benefits of the drain-back system


The main advantages of the maintenance-free system are:  


1. In an inactive system, the collectors are empty and thus saves the collectors about high temperatures of well over 110°C. This means: longer life, no vapor formation, no bursting of the vacuum tube collectors, etc.

2. Maximum working temperature is only approx. 65 - 70°C  

3. There is no expensive special solar fluid necessary, because the brain-back system can be operated with pure water, which does not alone better for heat transfer (heat capacity) and brings a great advantage, but it can also be no entanglement (the special solar fluid changes its viscous state) and addition of the individual components done.

4. No expensive repairs, as no high pressures arise  

5. The non-pressurized system requires less expensive components such as pressure vessel, pressure relief valve and solar fluid.  




In applications where frost is created, the drain-back system must be emptied and deactivated!  




In order for the drain-back system to function properly, the collectors must be mounted with a gradient of approx. 4 - 6°. This means that the water inlet is at the same time the water outlet when switching off the pump.



For your pool water heating

For your pool water heating